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Summer Camp Payment Plans

Payment plans are available by request. Contact before registering to request a payment plan. Contact Us to learn more!

Important Scholarship Application Information

Trackers believes in providing opportunities for children to attend our programs in cases of significant financial hardship. Our goal is to provide an outdoor camp experience for students who truly would otherwise be unable to participate in these programs. We are committed to serving as many families as possible; however, scholarship funds are limited. Typical awards range from 30-90% of the full, non-discounted program tuition with further consideration given based on financial need. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, summer awards are limited to one week of camp per participant.

Please be aware that many programs fill early and we cannot guarantee an award or placement in a specific program. To reserve a space in the program of your choice, consider signing up for one of our monthly payment plans. Payment plans may be adjusted at a later date if your family is awarded a scholarship.

Summer 2020 Day & Overnight Camp Scholarship applications for Summer 2020 will open December 1st.We set an early deadline for scholarships because our programs tend to fill very early, and we want to be sure that everyone awarded a scholarship has an opportunity to register for a space. Scholarship Application deadline was March 1st.

Payment Plans for Summer Year Programs Contact before registering to request a payment plan. For all Summer Camp registrations submitted prior to March 31st Trackers offers a payment plan that consists of monthly payments. The number of monthly payments in your plan will be determined by your registration date. Please note that we can accommodate one summer payment plan per family. 

Summer Camp Registrations submitted after March 31st are not eligible for a payment plan. 

Any camp changes will incur a $35 Administrative Fee which will be charged to the Credit Card used for your Payment Plan. For cancellations, your payments made prior to the cancellation date will be subject to our Refund Policy.

Please Note All Summer 2020 Payment Plan requests must be submitted by March 31st. All plans must be activated by April 5th, 2020. 

Please contact us before March 31st if you would like to set up a payment plan.

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Scholarship applications for Summer 2020 open December 1st.

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