Outdoor Camps and Programs

Denver, Colorado

Overnight Camps

Weekend Campfire

Oregon Residential Camps

Grade 4-12 Based in the foothills of Mount Hood, campers can train wilderness survival, tend to our ranch animals, or even embark on an epic role-playing quest of elves and dragons. Airport pick-up available.

Rock Climbing

Trackers Basecamp

Grade 7-12 From Base Camp our Trackers Teams embark on overnight and day excursions across the fantastical landscape of the Pacific Northwest where you can focus on rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking or even all three.

Youth Programs


Summer Camps

Grade K-10 Our summer camp programs in Denver offer unparalleled fun. Drop off near Washington Park. Check out our summer adventures!

Trackers Online

Trackers Spark - Online Camps & Classes

Welcome to Trackers Kids online camps and classes. We are excited to bring our many, many years of educational and interactive camp experience to the online learning world. Through interactive, fun and social webinars, kids learn with trained Trackers Guides with role-playing game adventures, crafts, drawing, cooking and more.


Grade K - Rover Camps

Grade K Share an outdoor adventure while making new friends! Rover camps are for our youngest Trackers. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, children learn new skills and engage in imaginative play through fantastic stories and legends.




1 weekend day a month. Become a woodland archer and learn the Way of the Bow. Train with expert instructors from our Rangers Guild. Work together in teams, make new friends & master archery skills.

Our Motto

At Trackers we are champions of land and village. We are navigators of an epic world that needs to exist. We are a community where we Remember the celebration of hearth, family and a timeless human story.

Our Mission

Our labor, profits, joys and hopes are directed to generating resources that help create a village of epically happy people connected to the land, family and community.