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Are you a Dune fan?
Do you go with Team Mentat?
Do you want to help children develop grit & resilience?
Do you want help make common sense common again?

Trackers Earth is a youth organization that strives to help kids grow. We need them to build real wilderness survival skills for readiness, caretaking, grit, and team leadership. You're an educator who operates independently while also being excited to work towards a greater team and goal.

Who Do We Need?

We need the following of skills of awareness:

  • Situational Awareness: Tactical thinking is essential to you. You perceive your entire environment—increasing depth and breadth of perception to readily act.
  • Connective Awareness: Crafting a mental map is normal for you. You connect information by building comprehension and retention of information.
  • Strategic Awareness: Longer-term strategic thinking is a part of your everyday life. You iterate on plans, adapting to test tactics and strategy.
  • Purpose Driven Awareness: Higher purpose defines your objectives and outcomes. You care for community, nature, and many generations.

What Do We Need?

We need Outdoor Educators & Craftspeople to work in one of our core teams:

  • Outdoor Skills for Young Children (Grade K-1)
  • Bushcraft, Archery & Wilderness Survival
  • Farm Craft, Animals & Wild Foods
  • Fishing, Foraging & Outdoor Cooking
  • Live Action Role-Playing Games
  • Paintball, Reconnaissance & Action Sports
  • Outdoor Recreation, Boating & Rock Climbing
  • Ceramics, Crafting & Blacksmithing

Check Out our Summer Camps

Educator Roles

Trackers offers both seasonal and full-time, year-round roles. The positions are limited, we encourage you to apply for various options. Please note, you must be able to report to work every available week in the summer season.

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Meet and greet campers during check-in and check-out. Play games, and prepare them for adventure.

  • Required Excitement for outdoor education, 14 years & up
  • Pay $15.00 - $15.25 per hour
  • Career and professional development.
  • 25% off all Trackers Earth programs.
  • Mon - Fri 7AM - 9AM, 2PM - 4PM

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Meet and work with kids outdoors while sharing new skills. Work with coordinators mentoring youth in outdoor education.

  • Required Enthusiasm for Trackers programs. 16 years & up
  • Pay $17.25 - $23.25 per hour, pay add-ons for certifications
  • Career and professional development.
  • 25% off all Trackers Earth programs.
  • Mon - Fri, 9:15 AM - 2:00 PM.

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Teaching Coordinator

Teach, lead, and mentor during the summer. Guide kids outdoors while managing teen and adult staff.

  • Required 1+ years general education experience, 18 years & up.
  • Pay Day Camp $785-$827 per week
  • Free camp for 2 children (Grade K-5).
  • 25% off Trackers Earth programs.
  • Flexible training schedule.

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Managing Coordinator

Manage a team of Teaching Coordinators (4-6 teachers). Independently operate field logistics while constantly elevating our programs.

  • Required 1+ years Outdoor Education, 1+ years management, 21 years & up.
  • Pay $990 per week
  • Free camp for 2 children (Grade K-5).
  • 25% off Trackers Earth programs.
  • Earliest begin date April 1. Latest begin date June 13th.

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Outdoor Supervisor & Educator
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Develop and oversee Trackers Earth camp programs with one of the following specialties: bushcraft, farming, fishing, boating, climbing.

  • Required 2+ years Outdoor Education, 2+ year management, CDL (we help you get this), 21 years & up.
  • Pay $45,760 - $51,140 per year.
  • Benefits Medical, PTO.
  • Free camp for 2 children (Grade K-5).
  • Starting before May 23.

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Connect the Village! Join the Trackers Leadership and Teaching team year-round. Opportunities include...

  • Forest School Principal
  • Forest School Teachers
  • Martial Arts Program Developer
  • Trackers Bard (Singer/Songwriter)
  • Plusser (for old school Tracking Staff)
  • President of Global Programs
  • and much more...

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Program educators are not assigned to a fixed worksite. You must have reliable transportation to be able to report to any of our locations in Denver.

Onboarding Training

Portions of onboarding training occur online or have required reading, other sections are in-person. Please note, all onboarding training pays Minimum Wage, after onboarding training the regular pay wage applies.

About Trackers

Since 2004, kids, families, and adults have journeyed on adventures with Trackers Earth and our Guides. We exist to make common sense common again. We expect kids to step up to service for thier community, nature, and many generations. We need staff who can be independent operators to help serve this Trackers mission. Please only apply if this fits your goals and objectives. Please do not apply if you believe you cannot be independent while operating with extremely strong resilience and grit.

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