Trackers Update on Covid-19

Our thoughts go out to all the families affected by COVID-19. We want to offer support as we navigate these challenging times together.

In response to the COVID-19, our kids, staff, and extended Trackers community is our top priority. We are closely reviewing and updating how we move forward based upon guidance from public and child health officials and recommendations from the American Camp Association. Please read below for the latest information. We want to help answer your questions about how Trackers is preparing for summer and year-round programs for your family and how we have added options to our cancelation policy to assure your family can thoughtfully make summer plans.

Does Trackers have any course offerings online?

Yes. We are working hard to bring you the high-quality adventure, fun, and learning that you have come to expect from Trackers, in a new online format. We have three options: Backyard Classroom (academic content outdoors based on common-core standards), Trackers Kids (fun and educational interactive courses in our Rangers, Wilders, Artisans, and Mariners guilds) and Trackers Skills (instructional and interactive courses for adults). You can find out more on our online programming page.

I want my kids to be outside and active this summer. They need to connect with nature. Will Trackers make that happen? Do you anticipate any cancelations or changes to your summer programs?

Registration is currently open for our extensive summer camp themes for 2020. Our goal is to continue providing the summer camp programming that Trackers does best—exploring nature in small groups in outdoor, open-air spaces.

In the event that our summer camps require modified plans, we will rapidly develop alternative and exciting programming options so your kids still have access to the great Trackers camps you trust.

Should I register for summer camps now? What happens if I need to cancel?

We realize there are a lot of unknowns right now. That’s why we’ve added an additional option to our cancellation policy that provides you with confidence in this uncertain terrain and allows you to register without concern. If your family needs to cancel a registration because they are directly impacted by Covid-19 (even after camp begins) there will be no cancellation fees and you will receive your full purchase price as a transferable credit for any future Trackers program, valid until the end of Summer 2021. These additional options come into effect for all summer 2020 registered families April 31, 2020.

Should I send my kids to camp this summer?

The ongoing developments related to COVID-19 have created an information overload and feelings of isolation. Now more than ever, kids need to feel resilient and capable. They need fresh air, nature, and active education.

We at Trackers deeply believe that camp and nature connection can be an antidote to isolation; a way to combat school being out of session and plans being cancelled. We hope you agree.

Camp is a place where kids connect and explore the world. The places we visit offer fresh and wide open spaces where kids can be kids and learn real skills. They even work through challenges by enacting fantastic stories and adventures, in a safe outdoor environment.

What are you doing to keep students and staff safe in regards to health and wellness?

As a summer camp organization it is important to be up-to-date with all news and procedures when it comes to programmatic safety and health. Trackers is in continued conversations with public health authorities and following developing guidelines from the American Camp Association to put best practices in place for health and safety as additional COVID-19 guidance is provided. We have already taken precautions adding to our already robust sanitization protocols and will continue to adapt our health and wellness policies to meet recommended guidelines.

Summer camp guidance includes working closely with our local public health department to maintain effective protocols for the identification and appropriate treatment of any illness that may occur at camp, including COVID-19. We continue to update our health and wellness screening policies and procedures to reflect the current best practices recommended by public health authorities. We will continue to keep families, staff and our community updated as new information becomes available.