Trackers Update on Covid-19

Please Note our policies and procedures are subject to change. We actively review any new guidelines and adjust our Q&A as necessary. The below information is updated as of June 17, 2021.

As always, the safety of our kids, staff, and extended Trackers community is our top priority. We are closely reviewing guidelines for COVID-19 and updating how we run programming based on guidance from Oregon Health Authority and recommendations from the American Camp Association. Please read below for the latest information.

Trackers Q&A

Covid-19 Program Updates and Evolutions

Are Summer 2021 programming happening?

A: Yes! Some programs and camps will look a little different as we adjust to meet the needs of current health and safety guidelines. To ensure the safety of our community, we continue to refine best practices for check-in, transportation, and general operations.

Q: What are the updated locations/drop off times?

A:This depends on your program. Information regarding your specific program will be listed in the reminder email. If you cannot locate or did not receive a reminder email, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at If Trackers had to make any change to your program, our team will email your family before the start of programming.

Q: How will check in / out change?

A: Program times are 8:30am to 3:30pm and many families will drop-off onsite rather than Trackers Earth staff transporting students on buses. For summer 2021, some sites will be offering transportation.

Q: What about health checks?

A: We require parents to take their child's temperature every morning. If your child has any symptoms of being sick, please stay home for the safety of everyone. Trackers will credit you for that time. We also are running an in-depth daily health check for staff and students at drop-off each day and provide temperature checks for anyone checking in who is not able to check prior to the program that day.

Q: How is Trackers Earth handling bathrooms?

A: Each program site has access to private restroom facilities, such as port-a-potties. When not in use by Trackers groups, these facilities are locked and not accessible by the public.

Stable cohorts take turns using restroom facilities to ensure that there will not be a line with two different groups waiting together. Our staff sanitize the restrooms after every use with a CDC-approved disinfectant solution. These cleanings are in addition to the regular maintenance services provided to these facilities.

Q:Hand washing

A: We will provide hand sanitizer &/or handwashing stations, working to make sure each student & staff uses them often throughout the day.

Q: Will students wear masks?

Yes. Through additional guidance provided by the CDC, when campers are outdoors in open spaces with their group, masks will not be required. Masks will still be required when in close proximity during check-in and check-out, and in doors or during transportation if included in your camp programming.

Q: What to do if you have been exposed to COVID-19?

A: Inform us as soon as possible so we can work with you on next steps.

Q: Trackers COVID vaccination requirements (teen interns/guides/students)?

A:We strongly encourage staff to become vaccinated, and require campers to be COVID vaccinated as additional age cohorts gain wider access to vaccination. By September 1st, we are asking all campers age 12 and above to have verified their vaccination in their Trackers Earth account profile. We will share instructions on uploading verification soon. As other age cohorts gain approval and access to the vaccine, we will also update the verification criteria. Please contact our customer success team if you need to make a medical or religious exemption request.

Q: How is Trackers Earth handling Transportation?

A: Transportation will vary depending on the program.


All activities occur at the drop-off site. Campers are not transported. Depending on the camp theme, activities may occur primarily outdoors or in a classroom.

  • -Onsite Camps that are typically outdoors: outdoor skills, sports, story camps, photography.
  • -Onsite Camps that are typically in a classroom: blacksmithing, woodworking, pottery.


For all activities, we transport campers from the drop-off site to other sites. Transport can occur in vans or school buses.

  • -After drop-off, we journey to epic wilderness sites where campers are fully immersed in Trackers skills and lore. These are outdoor locations where kids can be kids.
  • -Many sites enable us to include elements like shelter building, archery, and more.
  • -We thoroughly check staff driving records and perform ongoing performance appraisals. Drivers of large buses require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) C with passenger endorsement.
  • -Transportation options are based on current COVID-19 protocols. These may adapt as guidelines improve in the coming months and as our community overcomes the pandemic.
  • -As COVID-19 guidelines improve and our community overcomes the pandemic, we will base decisions on expert recommendations (local health, ACA, CDC) and site availability.
  • -Many camps will pivot back to their pre-COVID drop-off sites in town, which are typically a closer commute for many families.
  • -Students will still be required to wear masks and social distance as much as possible. Vehicle windows will remain down for improved air circulation.