Best Fit Guarantee

At Trackers we are confident we have the best camps and programs around. That said, we also know that not every organization is the perfect fit for every family. If you feel a need to go beyond our current refund policy, you can invoke our Best Fit Guarantee. Doing so recognizes some key points.

We offer our Best Fit Guarantee to ensure our programs are the best fit for your child and family. Obtaining a Best Fit Guarantee refund deactivates your account, preventing your family from attending other Trackers Earth programs in the future.

How It Works

Tuition will be divided by total program days and we refund the remaining days*. To get our Best Fit Guarantee, you must email us within one business week of the end of the camp. Otherwise, it may be considered void.

If you choose to return to Trackers programs in the future, a decision will be made by our Regional Director and based on conversations about why you invoked the Best Fit Guarantee and how it can be a more positive fit in the future.

Who the Best Fit Guarantee IS for:

  • Families who tried our program realize they may need other services we do not offer
  • Students who would be more successful in non-outdoor focused programs
  • Individuals who understand that while we may not meet their needs, we are all doing our best

Who the Best Fit Guarantee is NOT for:

  • Complaints or negative reviews we disagree with or are inflammatory
  • Students suspended from camp due to behavioral concerns (there are caveats to this)
  • Individuals who may have acted disrespectful or abusive to our teaching staff


As we said, we are confident that our programs are the best camps available. This policy assures parents that our goal is an incredible and fantastic experience for your child. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

*We reserve the right to charge a 25% administrative fee in circumstances where we feel the transaction has unduly burdened our administrative time. Or if people treat our staff rudely and curtly.

Full Refund & Deactivate My Account

Yes, I want to deactivate my account, preventing me from registering for Trackers Earth programs in the future.

Give us a call (720) 355-2758 if you are interested in discussing your questions further.

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