Adventures of Captain Jack: Relics of the Lost Worlds

* * * TOP SECRET * * *

The Trackers Secret Agent Academy is looking for new recruits. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to immerse yourself into the world of espionage: ciphers, code breaking and more. Journey from the urban jungle to epic wilderness. It's agent versus agent in the ultimate spy training!

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Adventure Land

Join a band of fellow raiders to defeat traps and solve puzzles. Discover ancients relics, primordial temples and newfound friends. Prehistoric peril lurks in the in Lost Worlds and Forests. Fortune and glory await as you follow in the footsteps of the mysterious treasure hunter Captain Jack on his latest quest.

Your Life of Action Adventure

Form your team and create your adventure persona and character. Learn survival skills for epic journeys across the globe and worlds once lost. Track dinosaurs and other gargantuan creatures from eons past. Life will find a way.

Learn languages, both current and archaic. Visit temples of tombs and doom. Find key relics that piece together mysteries of ancient civilizations. Race against the Shadow Society, who would claim the legendary power for their own nefarious schemes of world domination.

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